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---> Building life with target all
---> Staging life into destroot, lols

blog post in the making
Originally uploaded by thedaniel
I get a lot of joy out of being a beer aficionado.
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  • thinking of checking out some bands in echo park (fuck yeah fest) tonight - anyone down?
  • @tv: I claim the rack on behalf of @zoetica. *plants flag*
  • Dammit at least I can hear jay reatard play the song of his I like most from this line outside :(
  • Giving my ears a break. Either I'm too old or the echo's too loud
  • Fyf roundup: jay reatard = awesome, swirly walls of guitar are in vogue again (yay), half my office is here
  • Fyf addendum: I will go out wearing jumpsuits much more often in the future - so comfortable!
  • Despite @zoetica's slanders, I've only had a few - jumpsuits are really that awesome!
  • There's a taco truck in my office parking lot!!!!!!!! I should come in this early all the time for a chorizo n egg burrito nom nom nom
  • laughing at today's diesel sweeties (dieselsweeties.com)
  • in ur repositoree deltifyin ur objex
  • Playing my super detuned metal guitar for the first time in a long time
  • Bummed / inconvenienced by losing key to bicycle lock and also breaking phone (well I can kinda use it but screen is hoseled)
  • stealing my own bicycle
  • listenin' to hide (ja, zoo), gettin' happy
  • @ori: bolt cutter + 8 bucks for length of chain and padlock at home depot

(posted automagically every 15 tweets or so)
  • @ccg: mega congrats - when do you want to race? cooper s vs svt focus in a pocket rocket duel!!!
  • nommin on some gouda, studyin some japanese
  • finally returning @ccg's tools
  • finally wrote a new blog post - of limited interest if you aren't nerdy: http://tinyurl.com/yrey83
  • wishing i spoke german and russian so i could compose a hilarious trilingual pun that started with "In Soviet Prussia..."
  • amazed at the difference a shave brush makes in the morning routine - how smoothly the razor will glide from this day forth!
  • "The Flickr Organizr sprung fully-formed from Douglas Crockford's 3rd eye" - me, just now
  • halfway through suzuki's wacky classic satire 'fighting elegy'
  • the electrons are fresh and crisp today
  • Mailing girlfriend to hell city
  • wishing i lived in an alternate universe where the new pumpkins album is actually awesome :( :( :(
  • taking a tiny break to a) read about food and b) stare out the window
  • immortal friday night quandary - recaffeinate or alcoholize?
  • Awoken at 10:30 by a weirdo chihuahua standing on my chest
  • doesn't matter what time it is or what i am doing (or trying to do) - if i sit, there is a chihuahua on my lap. i admire her persistence.
  • Storm's a-brewin!!!
  • Nothin like bi bim namul and a bottle of mexican Coke to remind me why I love my neighborhood

(posted automagically every 15 tweets or so)
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  • just noticed my credit card statement now comes with a QR code
  • Chillin in line at hollywood forever
  • My car is so fucking full of fail
  • Riding a packed bus back home. I should have known better than to drive the car in its current state
  • embarking upon an epic mission!!
  • the aforementioned mission turned into a nightmare paintour full of woe and angst
  • got up at 6:30. had many coffees. am now at one with emacs churning out crap
  • @seanbonner: important news for you: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wear/6944026.stm
  • Waiting for the bus again really brings me back to old times...
  • realizing i didn't open rss reader once today - damn, must have been even busier than i realized
  • at work at 9, drinkin coffee, practically a bright ambassador of morning - what's going on today? bizzaarrroo daniel
  • downloading System Shock 2 - DANGEROUS
  • Spending a little too much money on singles of good beer at bevmo
  • trying not to waste the day whilst keeping an eye on zoe's dog. this is the warmup, i get it for 4 days next week
  • Superhero posing with the ninja-turtle-masked birthday boy

(posted automagically every 15 tweets or so)
  • @spenceke - a speed suit? not a onesie? (i really hope 'speed suit' was a venture brothers reference, otherwise this is a creepy tweet)
  • Redbull and tacos, just what the doctor ordered
  • heading to drumtown
  • digging this Mew album - dreamy thunderstorm pretentious art pop INDEED
  • Quietly watching zoetica learn to ride the bicycle I got her for her bday
  • This: http://senduit.com/f0787d is a japanese rock song that manages to use lots of metalisms and still be super smooooth
  • anyone have an obd-ii code reader they can lend me?
  • 250 bucks to the city for parking tickets! ooof!
  • Anyone awake and willing to give me and zoe a jump start?
  • off to dance to industrial music at das bunker
  • Kickin it at the DMV. Again.
  • i've said it before, and i'll say it again: Kuroyume's "Feminism" is a shimmering jewel of an album
  • one more thing for the 'simple tech pleasures' file: focus-follows-mouse
  • also finally listening to the bruce sterling rant from this year's sxsw
  • bought my first digital camera, wtf
  • listening to zao and enjoying it this much: \___(^_^)___/
  • winding down to watch Millennium Actress with zoe
  • ...time to GET OUT that is
  • and just as i was about ready to leave silver lake coffee, they put on that 'middle' song by Jimmy Eat World, confirming that it's time ...
  • Kickin it at silver lake coffee, reading murakami, drinking iced coffee. Life is goood

(posted automagically every 15 tweets or so)
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my clutter
Originally uploaded by thedaniel

No updates on my various web presences, but that doesn't mean I'm not doing anything. On my radar:

  • planning for my two-week trip to Japan

  • running [tiling window managers](http://www.suckless.org/wiki/wmii) on OS X

  • booking shows for my [awesome band](http://ma46.com)

  • python and ruby programming

  • motorcycle maintenance

  • tax refunds

  • cleaning up my filthy apartment (see attached image)

  • beating Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

  • reviewing my 3-400 level Japanese texts from college

I'll write about some of this stuff soon, sure. In the meantime you can see my twitter or planet for mundane details.

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2 contributions or thoughts?
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we carry on conversations that go like this:

4:23 - [Zoetica Ebb] i appreciate it. would you like to come ovah and kickinate it? or go somezone?
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"Until a man is twenty-five, he still thinks, every so often, that under
the right circumstances he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world.
If I moved to a martial-arts monastery in China and studied real hard for
ten years. If my family was wiped out by Colombian drug dealers and I swore
myself to revenge. If I got a fatal disease, had one year to live, devoted
it to wiping out street crime. If I just dropped out and devoted my life to
being bad."


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