Zygomatic Arch (thedaniel) wrote,
Zygomatic Arch

recent twitter postings

  • home from another awesome band practice - now all we need are shows
  • "no country for old men" - see it
  • whoah, check out goog's closing price on 26 nov: http://tinyurl.com/yun77l - do no evil indeed
  • i think it's time for a new wireless router :( :( :(
  • never mind about that last thing, dd-wrt to the rescue or so it would seem
  • time to get off the computer and read some fiction on paper
  • Takin the train to work for once
  • MY CAR IS FIXED -- All praises be to the automotive sciences!!
  • Man driving a car in traffic sucks so hard
  • anyone have a usb dvd drive?
  • xkcd guy, i envy you: http://tinyurl.com/yqzyh6
  • going to bootie la tonight with @zoetica - i've never been, is it any good?
  • Bootie la is super fun!
  • reading metafilter on a saturday night, feeling smarter and angry about *things*
  • @bkerr: no, stick with it - you'll thank me when you realize the true recursive nature of the universe. also http://xkcd.com/224/

(posted automagically every 15 tweets or so)
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