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  • suffering from eeepc envy - i know my kohjinsha has better specs but it's not linux out of the box like the eee :(
  • gettin to know Android. Hello, Android. Thanks for the suggestion, Android, but I'll use my own tools.
  • @up_the_irons: it's not too hard to use normal tools to make the apps but it's a little discouraging that a) java and b) no hardware yet
  • kudos to ben and katie, the 'i want to see that' humans - the line "suck it, fun!" made me chortle aloud
  • kindle, with its free evdo wikipedia access = hhg2g
  • backing up my home folder to S3 at 2mb/s
  • whoah, make that 5mb/s
  • @mickipedia - still no? it probly means your boyfriend doesn't love you.
  • Crazy fog! Can't even see two blocks
  • OH: "i've never been to the actual walmart, not the metaphorical walmart!"
  • ipod found!! maybe i'll be motivated to run again!
  • Off to queue with zoe so she can buy some cheap technology
  • Just saw the line, Fuck that
  • Oh: don't meta twitter me
  • hooray for clean launderins
  • lyric from current track: 'save us, o lord, from the wrath of the norsemen!!' *headbangs*

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