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recent twitter postings

  • xkcd is about me yet again: http://xkcd.com/337/
  • via @escapist: http://lolinator.com/lol/neoglam.com
  • learning how to unit-test my life
  • I just shook the hand of RMS!
  • German film in the guts of downtown - super rad
  • holy crap, (setq x-select-enable-clipboard t) just made my life 100x easier
  • jumping on the bike and heading home at last
  • @bkerr: hm, i used omnigraffle for the first time in a while today - graffles in the air from coast to coast
  • finally buckling down and learning more about Apple Logic
  • wtf @seantek
  • wondering where i can get a matte ferrous metal sphere about the size of an apple
  • i used to write indulgent songs that were 9 minutes long and noodly - now i can barely fill 3 minutes. wtf?
  • What fun remains in this night?
  • Off to little t for murakami exhibit
  • Attention world: I am playing through system shock 2 again and will try to talk to you about it if we meet
  • @bkerr: I went Navy - the rip i got from the-underdogs crashed on 2 of each set of 3 deployments so my base stats were decided for me :(
  • this album: 3 - The End Is Begun - is all full of proggy goodness

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