Zygomatic Arch (thedaniel) wrote,
Zygomatic Arch

recent twitter postings

  • Cookin brats - hell yeah
  • holy cow halloween is around the corner and i haven't assembled an elaborate getup - this is disaster...
  • Leaving work early to see gogol bordello
  • Props to the barman for giving us free earrlths
  • Earplugs!
  • @seanbonner: i keep my purple in my hair so i am never caught without
  • Afterpartyin. Con un galon de whisky.
  • dealing with insomnia, downloading kino
  • How many times will my car strand me?
  • En route to the monte cristo for spooky fun
  • Omfg zombie nation? inexcusable
  • charging hard toward launch - i think things are gonna be OK
  • whoah, @boogah sez RMS is going to be at barcamp this weekend!
  • This is the earliest i've been home from work all week.
  • launched with not too much pain!
  • everyone go read @zoetica's article about the theme restauraunts we rocked in japania - coilhouse.net

(posted automagically every 15 tweets or so)
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