Zygomatic Arch (thedaniel) wrote,
Zygomatic Arch

recent twitter postings

  • @seanbonner: more ass than all the tea in china. did that make sense? no? damn jetlag.
  • bawwww: http://lolcats.tv/caturday/78
  • starting to get really stoked for Blade Runner tonight at the Landmark
  • today's xkcd made me giggle in a big way http://xkcd.com/326/
  • again lambda saves the day
  • lipovitan power GO
  • watchin Weeds with the zoinator
  • Denied from art crawl by things closing early! Now waiting on a cheese sandw. @ casbah
  • Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • ooh snap, time for the new Coheed
  • street fighter iv trailer is the sex
  • I bet @seanbonner is here at fu palace
  • Waiting for bunraku(!!) to start at aratani theatre
  • Attn: Blind Guardian is *-*-*ToTaLlY AwEsOmE*-*-*
  • stupid broken wifi :(

(posted automagically every 15 tweets or so)
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