Zygomatic Arch (thedaniel) wrote,
Zygomatic Arch

recent twitter postings

  • pricin' out japanese prepaid phones - still cheaper than renting a phone!
  • holy monkey the sweets museum in meguro is having a "crepes a la beer" event this month
  • Really ill suddenly :(
  • Doing what I can to have an orderly apartment before vacation
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: "Needled 24/7" by Children of Bodom is far and away my favorite song of the moment
  • packing a few days in advance - determined not to stay up all night my last night in town this time.
  • gonna be a long day - good thing i'm starting it with chorizo
  • you can buy 0.38mm Pilot G2 pens in Japan!!
  • can't sleep, must organize for trip
  • @escapist: i got it bad, i'm making an inventory in OmniOutliner even
  • goin to japan brb
  • sorry LA, never coming back.
  • twittering from my new tiny, tiny laptop. thanks akihabara!
  • going to sleep in japan for the last time.. until the next time. i think the next time will be soon.
  • Back home with awesome memories / clothing

(posted automagically every 15 tweets or so)
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