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---> Building life with target all
---> Staging life into destroot, lols
holy crap i still have a livejournal
  • home from another awesome band practice - now all we need are shows
  • "no country for old men" - see it
  • whoah, check out goog's closing price on 26 nov: http://tinyurl.com/yun77l - do no evil indeed
  • i think it's time for a new wireless router :( :( :(
  • never mind about that last thing, dd-wrt to the rescue or so it would seem
  • time to get off the computer and read some fiction on paper
  • Takin the train to work for once
  • MY CAR IS FIXED -- All praises be to the automotive sciences!!
  • Man driving a car in traffic sucks so hard
  • anyone have a usb dvd drive?
  • xkcd guy, i envy you: http://tinyurl.com/yqzyh6
  • going to bootie la tonight with @zoetica - i've never been, is it any good?
  • Bootie la is super fun!
  • reading metafilter on a saturday night, feeling smarter and angry about *things*
  • @bkerr: no, stick with it - you'll thank me when you realize the true recursive nature of the universe. also http://xkcd.com/224/

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  • suffering from eeepc envy - i know my kohjinsha has better specs but it's not linux out of the box like the eee :(
  • gettin to know Android. Hello, Android. Thanks for the suggestion, Android, but I'll use my own tools.
  • @up_the_irons: it's not too hard to use normal tools to make the apps but it's a little discouraging that a) java and b) no hardware yet
  • kudos to ben and katie, the 'i want to see that' humans - the line "suck it, fun!" made me chortle aloud
  • kindle, with its free evdo wikipedia access = hhg2g
  • backing up my home folder to S3 at 2mb/s
  • whoah, make that 5mb/s
  • @mickipedia - still no? it probly means your boyfriend doesn't love you.
  • Crazy fog! Can't even see two blocks
  • OH: "i've never been to the actual walmart, not the metaphorical walmart!"
  • ipod found!! maybe i'll be motivated to run again!
  • Off to queue with zoe so she can buy some cheap technology
  • Just saw the line, Fuck that
  • Oh: don't meta twitter me
  • hooray for clean launderins
  • lyric from current track: 'save us, o lord, from the wrath of the norsemen!!' *headbangs*

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  • xkcd is about me yet again: http://xkcd.com/337/
  • via @escapist: http://lolinator.com/lol/neoglam.com
  • learning how to unit-test my life
  • I just shook the hand of RMS!
  • German film in the guts of downtown - super rad
  • holy crap, (setq x-select-enable-clipboard t) just made my life 100x easier
  • jumping on the bike and heading home at last
  • @bkerr: hm, i used omnigraffle for the first time in a while today - graffles in the air from coast to coast
  • finally buckling down and learning more about Apple Logic
  • wtf @seantek
  • wondering where i can get a matte ferrous metal sphere about the size of an apple
  • i used to write indulgent songs that were 9 minutes long and noodly - now i can barely fill 3 minutes. wtf?
  • What fun remains in this night?
  • Off to little t for murakami exhibit
  • Attention world: I am playing through system shock 2 again and will try to talk to you about it if we meet
  • @bkerr: I went Navy - the rip i got from the-underdogs crashed on 2 of each set of 3 deployments so my base stats were decided for me :(
  • this album: 3 - The End Is Begun - is all full of proggy goodness

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  • Cookin brats - hell yeah
  • holy cow halloween is around the corner and i haven't assembled an elaborate getup - this is disaster...
  • Leaving work early to see gogol bordello
  • Props to the barman for giving us free earrlths
  • Earplugs!
  • @seanbonner: i keep my purple in my hair so i am never caught without
  • Afterpartyin. Con un galon de whisky.
  • dealing with insomnia, downloading kino
  • How many times will my car strand me?
  • En route to the monte cristo for spooky fun
  • Omfg zombie nation? inexcusable
  • charging hard toward launch - i think things are gonna be OK
  • whoah, @boogah sez RMS is going to be at barcamp this weekend!
  • This is the earliest i've been home from work all week.
  • launched with not too much pain!
  • everyone go read @zoetica's article about the theme restauraunts we rocked in japania - coilhouse.net

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  • @seanbonner: more ass than all the tea in china. did that make sense? no? damn jetlag.
  • bawwww: http://lolcats.tv/caturday/78
  • starting to get really stoked for Blade Runner tonight at the Landmark
  • today's xkcd made me giggle in a big way http://xkcd.com/326/
  • again lambda saves the day
  • lipovitan power GO
  • watchin Weeds with the zoinator
  • Denied from art crawl by things closing early! Now waiting on a cheese sandw. @ casbah
  • Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • ooh snap, time for the new Coheed
  • street fighter iv trailer is the sex
  • I bet @seanbonner is here at fu palace
  • Waiting for bunraku(!!) to start at aratani theatre
  • Attn: Blind Guardian is *-*-*ToTaLlY AwEsOmE*-*-*
  • stupid broken wifi :(

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Last night I went out at about 2AM to move my motorcycle across the street to avoid a parking ticket in the morning. Before starting the bike, I sat and listened. I could barely hear cars pass, and even then only one per minute or so. The loudest sounds were made by leaves falling from the trees on my street. The air was cool, but not cold, and very still. I spend too much time at my computer, and not enough time sitting on my motorcycle at 2AM.
I wrote a little entry on my website about how I felt coming back from vacation in Tokyo:


Last night I went for a nighttime walk around my neighborhood. This usually fills me with energy, but it just made me want to move. I've been very pro-LA for most of the time i've lived here, and I'm sure my positive feelings about the city will eventually return, but right now I just want to be somewhere with cool weather and trains.

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Current Location: Ashmont Core
brain chemistry: caffeine-deficient
clicks and beeps: Groove Salad on SomaFM

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  • pricin' out japanese prepaid phones - still cheaper than renting a phone!
  • holy monkey the sweets museum in meguro is having a "crepes a la beer" event this month
  • Really ill suddenly :(
  • Doing what I can to have an orderly apartment before vacation
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: "Needled 24/7" by Children of Bodom is far and away my favorite song of the moment
  • packing a few days in advance - determined not to stay up all night my last night in town this time.
  • gonna be a long day - good thing i'm starting it with chorizo
  • you can buy 0.38mm Pilot G2 pens in Japan!!
  • can't sleep, must organize for trip
  • @escapist: i got it bad, i'm making an inventory in OmniOutliner even
  • goin to japan brb
  • sorry LA, never coming back.
  • twittering from my new tiny, tiny laptop. thanks akihabara!
  • going to sleep in japan for the last time.. until the next time. i think the next time will be soon.
  • Back home with awesome memories / clothing

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back in october!

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